Products & Services

Customized Individual Portfolios

Trellisent Investments may utilize a combination of security types to meet the goals and risk parameters of your individualized portfolio including but not limited to:

*Individual Stocks               *Corporate Bonds

*Exchange Traded Funds      *Municipal Bonds

*Mutual Funds                 *Government Bonds

*Stock Options              *Money Market Funds

Retirement Plan Offerings

We offer a wide array of retirement plans and can help establish a retirement account on behalf of our clients or help them manage their existing retirement account. Some of the retirement plans we work with are:
*Traditional IRA    *SEP-IRA    *Rollover IRA    *401(k)    *Roth IRA    *403(b)

College Savings Plans

Planning ahead to meet the future financial needs of our children is a critical component in establishing a well thought out long-term investment plan. We can set up or manage existing college funding plans including, but not limited to:

*UTMA/UGMA       *529 Plans       *Trust Management

"Investing for Individuals and Families"